Accelerated nurse practitioner program students are often described as ambitious, motivated and striving for academic excellence. Since the projects are so thorough, nursing understudies regularly get to know one another.

Accelerated Nurse Practitioner Programs

Types Of Accelerated Nurse Practitioner Programs

All types of accelerated nursing programs are similar in their goal to provide a fast track degree and prepare future registered nurses for a career.

BA or BS? When researching the types of accelerated nursing programs available to you, pay attention to the type of bachelor’s degree they accept.  A few schools outline their projects for understudies who as of now have a bachelor’s in science, while others are open to students with a bachelor’s in any field.

Accelerated nursing programs include the same amount of clinical time as a traditional BSN program, usually about 700 to 800 hours. However, you begin the clinical phase much sooner in an accelerated program.

The “accelerated programs” phrasing refers to the intensive essential program that goes the master’s level coursework, but it’s generally at a quickened pace since enrollees have just accomplished a Registered Nurse permit. These projects may require less time and attributes than their ADN-to-MSN “connect” partners.

Typically, these courses allow graduates of other subject disciplines to undertake approved pre-registration training in two years rather than three or four. This is on account of accreditation for earlier experiential learning can be given by the college. Such courses are accessible in:

  • nursing – adult, children’s, learning disabilities, and mental health fields
  • diagnostic and therapeutic radiography
  • dietetics
  • occupational therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • speech and language therapy
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Developmental psychology
  • Abnormal psychology

Masters Degrees in United Kingdom (Accelerated Nursing Programs)

1, Nursing  Adult with NMC Registration (MSc) From University of Derb

This course is supported by the craving to convey kind, humane nursing care. It is a two year, full-time degree and supports those with a prior degree (2:2 or above) to become a registered nurse at an accelerated pace. You will also need prior work experience in a service user context,  enabling you to exhibit the skills that underpin professional nursing registration. Your related involvements will add to the learning openings inside the course and together these will give qualification to enroll as a medical caretaker with the NMC, as long as you meet the NMC’s prerequisites.

We are proud to support the workforce needs of the local region – our course is delivered in the context of the local healthcare environment and we aim to support our students to practice as qualified nurses locally. By studying this course you can be certain that you will meet the principles and abilities contained inside the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Standards for Pre-enrollment Nursing Education (NMC 2010).

This course is also available as MSc Nursing (Mental Health) with NMC registration.

2, Nursing (Adult) (MSc)  (Keele University)

The MSc Nursing graduate entry programme is aimed at highly motivated graduates who wish to become a registered adult nurse and achieve an MSc in an accelerated two-year timeframe. Nursing is an energizing and compensating profession decision. It’s one in which you can make a genuine and constructive commitment to individuals with long and here and now medical issues who are confronting probably the most difficult encounters of their lives.

The programme will utilise an enquiry based learning approach which will build on your existing graduate skills for learning and will be underpinned by a student centred philosophy. You will learn the pivotal roles of nurse and client while developing your nursing skills and building your knowledge of the professional and ethical practice.

To achieve this you will develop a skill set which includes: 

  • Building up your relational aptitudes 
  • Enhancing administration and initiative abilities
  • Developing your interpersonal skills
  • Effective team-working
  • Improving management and leadership skills 
  • Demonstrate competence in research and be able to successfully manage a project 

See the website

3, Adult and Mental Health Nursing (pre-registration) (MSc)

This course is for students who as of now have a degree in any subject and are searching for movement and further difficulties which can be fulfilled by undertaking a rewarding and lifelong career within the nursing profession.

City is the first institution to offer an MSc of this kind, crossing both the adult and mental health nursing specialisms. The course was expected to address the issue of the social protection fragment and the longing of various orderlies to have the ability to totally reinforce their patients, both physically and objectively.

The MSc in Adult and Mental Health Nursing prepares you for a rewarding career at the forefront of modern healthcare. You will graduate as a medical attendant qualified to enlist with the NMC as a grown-up and mental health nurse, abandoning you prepared to help the conveyance of value social insurance in a contemporary wellbeing administration.

Visit the Adult and Mental Health Nursing (pre-registration) (MSc) page on the City, University of London website for more details!

4, Independent Prescribing (Short Course)

(University of Manchester)

Our Independent Prescribing short course will enable healthcare professionals to go up against the part of a free prescriber in their general vicinity of training.

Pharmacists and nurses are taught together to facilitate multidisciplinary learning and working. A substantial extent of the learning will be conveyed web-based, giving an adaptable way to deal with learning by permitting understudies the advantage of concentrate this time permitting.

If you don’t mind take note of that fruitful fulfilment of a certified course isn’t a certification of comment or of future work as a pharmacist independent prescriber.

You can view accreditation reports and timescales for future accreditation on the General Pharmaceutical Council website. You can confirm our accreditation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council on their website.

5. Midwifery Studies ( Northumbria University)

The content of the Midwifery Studies Postgraduate Diploma programme will meet the requirements of the NMC Standards for Pre Registration Midwifery Education and mirrors the ideas and aims of ‘Conveying High-Quality Midwifery mind: the needs, opportunities and challenges for midwives’ (GB DH 2009). Hence the course will address scratch issues, for example, the arrangement of ladies focused care, keeping up typicality in labour, the advancement of basic aptitudes for maternity specialists and the part of the birthing specialist in the advancement of general wellbeing.

Midwifery Studies is practice focused with students spending 60% of their time in clinical practice. Practice assessment is graded and contributes to module marks along with essays, a clinical simulation examination and a leadership toolbox. The ‘pebble pad’ personal e-learning system will be used to support both formative and summative assessment. This innovative web-based approach to learning and assessment will enable students to record evidence of their learning, integrating theory and practice whilst contributing to the achievement of outcomes.

Visit the Midwifery Studies – PGDip page on the Northumbria University website for more details!

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