As a Nurse Practitioner, you have a variety of opportunities in front of you. Let us help you find work in interesting, rewarding assignments lasting from a few weeks to several months.

Nurse Practitioner Locum Agency offers locum jobs and permanent placement opportunities for Nurse Practitioners all over the UK.

We have relationships with thousands of healthcare facilities and practices across the country, offering a wide array of job opportunities. Our employees have the experience and clinical knowledge to match your skills with the practices that will make the best use of your time and talents and make sure each location is a great work environment for you.

nurse practitioner locum agency

With Nurse Practitioner Agency you can expect:

  • Carefully screened worksites that match your skills, experience and interests
  • A dedicated advanced practice team that will help you determine your best options
  • Paid professional liability insurance
  • Paid travel, housing and local transportation
  • Help with licensure, credentialing and securing privileges
  • Excellent compensation
  • No placement fees

Benefits of being a Locum Nurse Practitioner include:

1. Flexibility

A Locum Nurse Practitioner, you can have more control over where and when you work. In the event that you wish to require some serious energy off for Occasion, you are allowed to do as such without asking a boss. On the off chance that you require additional cash for some reason, you could extend the hours you work. If you don’t like working in a particular practice, you can choose not to book more shifts there.

2. Progress Your Skill Set

Working as a locum nurse practitioner gives you the chance to advance your range of abilities in a short space of time by working for various divisions and trusts developing your range of abilities.

3. Better Work/Life Balance

As a Locum Nurse Practitioner, you will have more autonomy and will be free to make your own decisions about your future that suit your lifestyle.

4. Tax Advantages

As a locum Nurse Practitioner, your employment status is “contractor” which means you can set yourself up as a business and a few your expenses  (e.g. travel/mileage, preparing costs, hardware and so forth) can possibly be a duty deductible cost and can be balanced against your profit.

5. Great financial rewards

It is a great way to supplement your income. If you are a partner or employed locum nurse practitioner looking to supplement your income or a retired GP looking for occasional work locum shifts can be invaluable.

6. More career choice in terms of the working environment

Working as a Locum Nurse Practitioner is a great introduction to general practice outside of your training practice.  As you work in different roles inside various primary care settings, your own network will grow.

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