Nurses at the UK  hold certifications in the following areas:

nursing certifications in UK

Registered Infusion Nurse

They are registered nurses who have some expertise in giving medicine and fluids to patients through infusion. They screen fluid tubes, check infusions and make sure that medications implemented are not neutralizing each other or causing a patient damage.

Rehabilitation Nurse

Rehabilitation nursing is to assist individuals with a handicap and chronic illness to attain to attain and maintain maximum extreme capacity. The rehabilitation nurse assists clients in adapting to an altered lifestyle, while providing a therapeutic environment for client’s and their family’s development.

Adult Psychiatric Nurse

Psychiatric mental health registered nurses work with individuals, families, groups, and communities, assessing their mental health needs.  Adult Psychiatric Nurse applies the nursing process to assess, diagnose, and treat individuals or families with psychiatric disorders and identify risk factors for such disorders.

Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nurse

Wound, ostomy and continence nursing is a nursing tri-speciality involved with the treatment of patients with acute and chronic wounds, patients with an ostomy and patients with continence conditions

Nephrology Nurse

Nephrology nursing practice requires a common knowledge base to care for pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients with kidney disease. The roles of the nephrology nurse include the following: Staff nurse, hospital or outpatient settings. Hemodialysis/peritoneal dialysis nurse.

Neonatal Nurse

They may care for healthy infants, provide focused care for premature or ill newborns, or work exclusively with seriously ill newborns in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Least degree you’ll need to practice: You must be a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Operating Room Nurse

The role of the perioperative nurse or operating room (OR) nurse is to provide care for patients before, during and after surgery. Circulating operating room nurses work within the operating suite but outside of the sterile field; scrub operating room nurses handle and prepare operating instruments and hardware inside the clean field.

Oncology Nurse

An Oncology Nurse provides care for cancer patients and those at risk for getting the disease. They screen physical conditions, endorse prescription, and oversee chemotherapy and different medications.

 Orthopaedic Nurse

An orthopaedic nurse is a nursing professional that cares for patients suffering from disorders, diseases, and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system consists of the bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons in our bodies.

Certified Asthma Educator Nurse

The NAECB exam is a voluntary testing program used to assess qualified health professionals knowledge in asthma education. It is an evaluative process that demonstrates that rigorous education and experience requirements have been met.

 Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses work in doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, surgical centres and other healthcare settings. Their aptitudes convey specific solace to kids being dealt with in intense care offices, for example, the neonatal unit, pediatric critical mind unit and pediatric oncology ward, and to their folks.

Perianesthesia Nurse

This is a nursing speciality practice area concerned with providing nursing care to patients undergoing or recovering from anaesthesia. Perianesthesia nursing encompasses a few subspecialty hone territories and speaks to an assorted number of training situations and ranges of abilities.

Dialysis Nurse

Dialysis nurses are part of a larger speciality known as nephrology nursing, and they have an in-depth knowledge of kidney disease. They support, medicate, and monitor patients throughout dialysis as well as instruct them on kidney malady and the way of life decisions that assist them to deal with their illness.

Emergency Nurse

Emergency Nurses treat patients in emergency situations where they’re encountering injury or damage. They can work in hospital emergency rooms, ambulances, helicopters, pressing consideration focuses, sports fields, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Heart Failure Nurse

Heart failure can be systolic or diastolic, left or right sided, and acute or chronic. As a nurse, you’re likely to take care of patients. who are encountering an acute exacerbation of heart failure in the hospital and the individuals who are overseeing chronic heart failure in the outpatient settings.

Radiologic Nurse

A radiology nurse also referred to as a medical imaging nurse, is a nursing professional that tends to patients that must experience indicative imaging methods and radiation therapy.  Radiation therapy is also commonly used to treat certain illnesses, such as cancer.

Flight Registered Nurse

A Flight Nurse is a registered nurse who specialises in the field of providing comprehensive pre-hospital, emergency critical care, and hospital care to a vast scope of patients.

Breast Care Nurse

Breast care nursing is also a varied role which can range from breast care awareness for people without breast cancer to assisting those with a breast cancer diagnosis, and help patients experiencing medical procedure, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, adjuvant treatment, and in the event of any recurrence of the disease.

Gastroenterology Registered Nurse

Gastroenterology Nurses are otherwise called endoscopy nurses. They analyze and treat patients encountering issues with their digestive system and gastrointestinal tract.

Infection Control Nurse

An infection control nurse is a nurse that specializes in preventing the spread of infectious agents, such as viruses and bacteria. As an infection control nurture, you will play a part in counteracting hazardous flare-ups and pandemics.

Cardiac/Vascular Nurse

Cardiac nursing is a nursing claim to fame that works with patients who experience the ill effects of different conditions of the cardiovascular system.

Critical Care Nurse

A critical care nurse, also sometimes referred to as an ICU nurse, is a type of nurse that provides care to patients that are in critical condition. Some critical care nurses additionally work inwards or units that take care of patients just with particular restorative issues, such as critical care burn units.